Ar tonelico Misha

Hi everyone!

This time, my post will be a little longer than usual to explain some changes. As you can see, a wild copyright thingy appeared at the bottom of this pic, and moreover the so-called “HD” pic is now much smaller. The reason behind this is that while fooling around on Goo… err, a famous search engine, I found out that a guy was happily selling my own Jibril! So I tried to think how to try and prevent this without adding some ugly watermark and this is what came out.

Then, about that Misha, it was a long due request made on Pixiv – Subject was ‘Draw me a sexy Misha’. After playing the game a little I decided on 2 costumes I liked, and started drawing the china dress… But I ended up not liking it at all, so I went for the ‘I’m only wearing a shirt’ one n_n