kancolle kantai collection atago onsen fanart

Pan paka pa~~n!

Whew, this is probably the first drawing where I spent more time on the background than I spent on the girl 😀 I had a bunch of things I wanted to work on this time, mainly trees (yeah, look, far away in the back XD) but also wood, water, rocks. It’s also the first time I actually did some preliminary sketches, or rather doodles of her face to get the hang of it. The curly end in her hair gave me a hard time >_< I hope it looks ok <_<

Character – Atago from the browser game Kantai Collection.

Princess Asseylum

aldnoah zero princess asseylum vers allusia

Once again she gave me quite a hard time! But in the end I don’t think I messed up as hard as last time. The drawing took some time because I changed the pose many times, and fought hard with the arms >_< I got a bit lazy with the background, not much inspired so I drew whatever crossed my mind 😛

The dress might have been heavily influenced by some of Tsunako’s artworks, but I still tried to do my own thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The cute girl is princess Asseylum Vers Allusia from


dog days yukikaze panettone

This time I wanted to try my hands on some wood and plants and some real background too :-O While I think I did okay with the house I’m still not very satisfied with those plants <_<

I also worked a bit on harmonizing all the colors and lost quite a bit of hair over those folds (/゚Д゚)/

The cute fox girl is Yukikaze from Dog Days

Angela Balzac

angela balzac rakuen tsuihou expelled from paradise

Yay to awesome background \o/
Well I usually paint my backgrounds first but I kinda forgot this time and in the end no color would fit with my coloring 😛

So, this is Angela Balzac from the CG movie Rakuen Tsuihou -Expelled from paradise- and she really gave me a hard time T__T I had trouble getting her thin waist and kinda wide shoulders without making her look like a bodybuilder.


kancolle kantai collection shimakaze

I’ve been wanting to draw some Kancolle fanart for a long time now, but I wanted to start with Shimakaze so I tried hard to get one in the game T__T When I finally got one I was a bit out of inspiration though 😀

I wanted to do a proper background this time so I tried to copy this amazing artist but I’m still far from her level 😛 At least I did the clouds okay and managed some water after struggling a lot 😀

I was careful not to lose my HD files this time >_< I’m kinda happy with how she turned out, though maybe I should have made her face a bit cuter! Also tried hard to make her skinny >_<

Character is Shimakaze and her three Rensouhou-chan from the game Kantai Collection


love live eli ayase

I finally found some inspiration and managed to get over my 2 months slump! I started watching Love Live out of pure curiosity and ended up enjoying myself. Maybe it was the little breath of fresh air I needed to start over!

Due to unforeseen events (mainly my own stupidity >_<) I lost my HD file… It was definitely a bad idea to try out Clip Studio Paint with a full artwork :-p

I’m really happy with how her skirt turned out and learned a lot while coloring her 😀

Character is Eli Ayase from Love Live! School Idol Project.