Wanna see?

absolute duo lilith bristol sexy yukata

Ooof! Don’t ask me how a cute chibi I drew some days ago inspired that drawing XD

I did my best to make the background look ok, and gave special care to her hair and yukata :3 We (err, I) want more Lilith! (∩❛ڡ❛∩)

Character – Lilith Bristol from Absolute Duo

Chitoge doodle

doodle chitoge kirisaki nisekoi

Long time since I last posted a doodle! This one’s a bit messy and there are holes here and there but I only spent around one hour and a half on it.

Such a pleasure to draw cute Chitoge again ♥ can’t wait for season 2!

Character – Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi


kancolle kantai collection atago dress fan

My favorite secretary ❤

I tried to make a dress out of her outfit, and tried to make her look a bit refined, adding details her and there and also working on make-up. She was really fun to draw, so much fun I did another version with the fan closed 😀

kancolle kantai collection atago dress

Character – Atago from Kantai Collection


dog days yukikaze panettone kimono

Yay more Yukikaze! I really love drawing japanese clothes 😀 so I couldn’t help myself and drew this one n_n Well I tried to work on my backgrounds a bit too while I was at it.

I really like drawing her, and I find her kinda easy too… And those fox ears! 😀

Character – Yukikaze Panettone from Dog Days


absolute buo lilith bristol sexy

Kinda lazy artwork this time since I mostly kept the original pose from Absolute Duo’s ending, but I took this opportunity to work on my colors n_n And I love drawing those hair!

And I really love drawing Lilith :3 more to come in the future! 😀

Character – Lilith Bristol from Absolute Duo


kaori miyazono shigatsu wa kimi no uso your lie in april

Kaori don’t cry! :'(

I went a bit astray from my usual thing this time, and the violin was quite the challenge too, but that idea suddenly popped up in my mind and I wanted to do at the best of my ability! I really love that anime but never got any good inspiration for a fanart since it began airing, and so I made up for this grave injustice!

Character – Kaori Miyazono from Shigatsu wa kimi no uso (Your lie in April in english, I believe)

Happy Valentine

love live eli ayase valentine

It was a bit hard to choose but I finally settled on Eli for Valentine :-3 Tried working on a different expression this time, and work on hands too >_<

Please don’t mind the anatomy and perspective problems, just enjoy the chocolate :p

Character – Eli Ayase from Love Live! School Idol Project

The german sisters

kancolle kantai collection bismarck prinz eugen

Yay! To end up filling my first page with blondes I decided to come up with double the fun n_n But it also gave me lots of trouble T_T I’m not used to top-down view, the caps gave me a hard time too, as well as the hands. I have to say I’m not really satisfied with the result but don’t really know how to improve, so let’s try and do better next time!

Characters – Bismarck and Prinz Eugen from the browser game Kantai Collection