love live eli ayase

I guess Eli’s the only one for me! :-p I want to see the movie :'(

That outfit was maybe a bit too much, I thought it would be ok with a simple background but still spent 2 whole days on it!

Love Live! School Idol Project – Eli Ayase

June Chibi Batch

Awawa the season is already ending! Don’t cry Elicchi, you’re this month’s “chibi highlight”!
love live eli ayase chibi sad cute

I spent half an hour just to choose her outfit…
love live eli ayase chibi

Okay next we have Ais hugging her Bell plushie
danmachi ais wallenstein chibi

Cute bunny Lucy
fairy tail lucy heartfilia chibi

Magical Gorilla Chitoge! and her Magical Cat!
nisekoi chitoge kirisaki magical gorilla cat chibi

And finally a little Leafa
sword art online leafa chibi

Karen ~ Beach mode

kiniro mosaic kujou karen

I really like Karen n_n and ponytails n_n So showing a ponytail-Karen to me was just too unfair, I had to draw that!! And since I’m in a good mood and we need more Karen, there is more Karen!

kiniro mosaic kujou karen bikini

Don’t get wild ok, she’s still a child you know!

Kin-iro mosaic – Karen Kujou


yahari ore no seishun love comedy wa machigatteiru oregairu iroha isshiki

I really wanted to draw a blonde tartan-pattern skirt, and I also never did any oregairu fanart – so I drew the cute Iroha! I like her a lot, and her voice actress does a good job at making her sound schemingly cute 😀

I wanted to make a simple and cute background but nothing looked good, so she ended up in front of her school >_<

Character – Iroha Isshiki from Yahari ore no seishun love comedy wa machigatteiru