Break time

kantai collection kancolle bismarck prinz eugen

Last month’s most popular were the beautiful german sisters from Kancolle, so I tried something a little crazy 😀 Err, in fact they came second to Lilith, but I just drew her right before 😛

RIP perspective which we lost somewhere between the cranes u_u Also added a bunch of gulls to try and give some life to the drawing!

Characters – Bismarck and Prinz Eugen from Kantai Collection

The german sisters

kancolle kantai collection bismarck prinz eugen

Yay! To end up filling my first page with blondes I decided to come up with double the fun n_n But it also gave me lots of trouble T_T I’m not used to top-down view, the caps gave me a hard time too, as well as the hands. I have to say I’m not really satisfied with the result but don’t really know how to improve, so let’s try and do better next time!

Characters – Bismarck and Prinz Eugen from the browser game Kantai Collection