Green Heart Next form (probably)

hyperdimension neptunia green heart next form

For those who thought ‘Hey, these Next Form Goddesses wear far too much clothes’, here comes Green Heart’s Next form! Just leave it to her when it comes to wearing barely any clothes!

This one was quite the challenge for me, first I wanted to keep a somewhat consistent coloring style compared to my last artwork, then since I’m no good with greens I needed to work on these, and finally I’m not really good with large breast. Also since she’s proudly showing her tummy I wanted to work a bit on giving some shape to her stomach.

I don’t think the Next form we’ll see in Victory II will be perfectly the same as this one, some parts of the sketch were a bit hard to figure out, and I took the old bacl processor since I didn’t know what her wings were supposed to look like n_n

Character is Green Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia (in case you didn’t figure it out already >_<)