Ellis Fahrengart

seirei tsukai no blade dance ellis fahrengart dress

I just have a soft spot for girls wearing dresses. So when Ellis, in the last episode of Seirei tsukai no Blade dance, showed up like this I was just lovestruck 😀 Wearing such a beautiful dress, it’s not fair! So I had to draw her.

I tried to make this as shiny as I could, it came out alright I guess n_n still not very happy with her face though <_<

Character: Ellis Fahrengart from Seirei tsukai no Blande dance

Coming back

seirei tsukai no blade dance rinslet laurenfrost

I’m finally back from my hiatus, with a new pen tablet and, err, noisy neighbour! I really wanted to at least finish a little something for July.

Since the summer anime season is going on I decided to have my way with my favorite girl so far, the cute Rinslet from “Seirei tsukai no Blade Dance”. She didn’t come out as cute as I wanted but it was still a nice practice