anime girl drawing autumn skirt sweater

Another request made by Shadowrave1 to draw his character. This time she had to wear a sweater and a poofy skirt. I really wanted to give it an autumn feel so I went through hell to finally draw some trees

Compared to the last time, I drew her face a bit rounder, and her breasts a bit smaller (wasn’t happy with them at all). I’m not really satisfied with her hands (that left hand looks a bit plump ^ω^) but well I spent so much time on the background <_<

Isuzu Sento

amagi brillant park isuzu sento

Being written by the same author as one of my favorite anime (Full Metal Panic), and animated by the studio which animated second and third season of said anime, Amagi Brillant Park was an anime I was really excited about 😀

First episode ended with a little eye candy, which fall in the “must_draw” category, where we see Isuzu who just got out of the shower ^^;

Lady Esdeath

akame ga kill esdeath sexy

Well, it’s quite rare for me to take a liking to one of the bad guys, but since Esdeath’s appearance in ‘Akame ga kill!’ I can’t help but cheer for her to finally catch Tatsumi’s heart n_n Don’t give up! I’m sure your feelings will reach him one day =P

Didn’t do very original though since a lot of people already drew her “shirt only”. I only tried to turn up the ‘ecchi’ factor a bit.

Ellis Fahrengart

seirei tsukai no blade dance ellis fahrengart dress

I just have a soft spot for girls wearing dresses. So when Ellis, in the last episode of Seirei tsukai no Blade dance, showed up like this I was just lovestruck 😀 Wearing such a beautiful dress, it’s not fair! So I had to draw her.

I tried to make this as shiny as I could, it came out alright I guess n_n still not very happy with her face though <_<

Character: Ellis Fahrengart from Seirei tsukai no Blande dance