Chitoge doodle

doodle chitoge kirisaki nisekoi

Long time since I last posted a doodle! This one’s a bit messy and there are holes here and there but I only spent around one hour and a half on it.

Such a pleasure to draw cute Chitoge again ♥ can’t wait for season 2!

Character – Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi

Sunday doodle: Akame


This drawing has actually been hanging around for a while on my computer and since I kinda gave up coloring it I thought I might as well post it here, so have some Akame, from Akame ga Kill!

Sorry for the recent lack of update, inspiration has been running away from me for a while now >_<

Sunday doodles: a bunch of heads


I thought the sunday doodles was a nice idea, a good way to do some quick and varied drawings, but everything I started ended up as crap a full artwork, so in the end I didn’t draw much lately, and couldn’t draw everything I wanted. So, I decided to doodle all those poor girls I didn’t draw in the end, hoping someday I’ll do a proper artwork n_n

From left to right, we have: Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia from, Sinon from Sword Art Online II, Princess Theialli, err, Theiami, err, Tulip from Rokujouma no shinryakusha, something that was supposed to be lady Esdeath from Akame ga kill! and a cute little Rinslet from Seirei tsukai no Blade dance… Hey, I managed to draw a cute Rinslet! Let’s celebrate with some curry!