Commission Infos

Updated November 2017

I can draw original characters or anime/game/manga fanart, preferably blonde girls (not used to drawing guys yet (*ノωノ)) fanservice/nude pics are okay

I won’t draw gore/hentai pics, realistic/semi-realistic or any style other than mine, bondage, fatness
I don’t really like drawing military stuff either

Commissions are for personnal use. If you need a pic for commercial use there will be an additional license fee so please contact me~ You’re free to do whatever you want with the pic otherwise (≧∇≦)/

I won’t take any “reservation”, I don’t know if I’ll be available in the future so please contact me only when you’re ready to proceed with the commission.

How to order

Send me a message on Pixiv/Twitter/email (contact[at] with the following infos

  • Commission type
  • Character reference (link)
  • A description (for original characters)
  • (optional) reference for pose/clothing/etc
  • An email address where I can send the finished piece
  • A Paypal address where I can send the invoice


Payment is PayPal only – price includes all fees.
I will send a WIP sketch and start lining/coloring once I receive the payment. I won’t accept any change to the sketch after I start lining so please make sure you don’t want any modification before paying!

Once the commission is ready I send it by email – all commissions are A4@350dpi PNG so they can be a bit… heavy

Commission prices

Type Eco+) 12€ Sketch/lineart/whatever you call it – One character, waist up/full body on white or transparent background.
(click for better view)

Type A) 25€ – One character, waist up/full body on white background
I can also do a simple background if I feel like being nice (≧∇≦)/
Price may go up with complexity (pose, outfit, etc…) (usually +5€/+10€)

Type B) 40€ – One character with full background
Price may go up with complexity (pose, outfit, etc…)

Type C) (Experimental) 60€ – Group pic (2 characters – more to come as mimelex gains XP)
Overall complexity will be limited by what my poor computer can handle but the pic comes with a background (≧∇≦)/

I ask for an additional +10€ if character design is involved
Private commission is available at +30% the original price
All prices include Paypal fee

Please be patient while I work on your commission ( ^∇^) I usually take a few days but will note you when stuff happens and I’m running late
If what you want doesn’t fit in the categories listed don’t hesitate to send me a note, we can discuss things 😀

If I don’t feel confident or don’t like your idea, I will reject your commission. I also can’t accept/refuse a commission before I know the details.