Bathing Lilith

absolute duo lilith bristol onsen naked boobs

After getting into Pixiv’s global Rookie ranking for the first time last week I got a bit carried away and promised and exclusive drawing today 😀 I chose to draw Lilith at the hot spring, and Pixiv’s version is less steamy (and therefore less safe for work XD)

Absolute Duo – Lilith Bristol

Bath time

dog days yukikaze panettone onsen

That was on my “to draw” list for so long, and since I didn’t draw Yukki for a while I decided to give it a try. I also tried out a new technique for the skin, because I’m jealous of all those awesome artists on Pixiv and want to do like them T_T

The towel wasn’t supposed to be that tiny, but I thought I should add some folds at the back because of the tail, and one thing led to another… Well, You know the story XD

Character – Yukikaze Panettone from Dog Days


kancolle kantai collection atago onsen fanart

Pan paka pa~~n!

Whew, this is probably the first drawing where I spent more time on the background than I spent on the girl 😀 I had a bunch of things I wanted to work on this time, mainly trees (yeah, look, far away in the back XD) but also wood, water, rocks. It’s also the first time I actually did some preliminary sketches, or rather doodles of her face to get the hang of it. The curly end in her hair gave me a hard time >_< I hope it looks ok <_<

Character – Atago from the browser game Kantai Collection.