foxgirl fire kimono

I wanted to draw that for a long time. It was supposed to be a collaboration but I got stood up… So it’s a collaboration with myself XD

I wanted to try out some fire effects too, this was fun 😀 It’s supposed to be a nine-tailed fox girl, and those tails took most of the background in the end >_<


anime girl drawing autumn skirt sweater

Another request made by Shadowrave1 to draw his character. This time she had to wear a sweater and a poofy skirt. I really wanted to give it an autumn feel so I went through hell to finally draw some trees

Compared to the last time, I drew her face a bit rounder, and her breasts a bit smaller (wasn’t happy with them at all). I’m not really satisfied with her hands (that left hand looks a bit plump ^ω^) but well I spent so much time on the background <_<