It’s hot~

fairy tail lucy heartfilia boobs sexy

It’s been so hot these days ¬_¬

I wanted to draw the outfit I saw in the last chapter I read (which probably isn’t the last chapter out XD) but ended up doing my own thing 😀

With this I’m starting my usual “popular” stuff, there are 3 this month! That way it will give me some time to prepare for the new season n_n

Fairy Tail – Lucy Heartfilia

June Chibi Batch

Awawa the season is already ending! Don’t cry Elicchi, you’re this month’s “chibi highlight”!
love live eli ayase chibi sad cute

I spent half an hour just to choose her outfit…
love live eli ayase chibi

Okay next we have Ais hugging her Bell plushie
danmachi ais wallenstein chibi

Cute bunny Lucy
fairy tail lucy heartfilia chibi

Magical Gorilla Chitoge! and her Magical Cat!
nisekoi chitoge kirisaki magical gorilla cat chibi

And finally a little Leafa
sword art online leafa chibi


fairy tail lucy heartfilia leo star dress cleavage

So, the most popular on deviantArt last month was Lucy! I chose to draw her in her Leo form star dress, mostly because I really like it, but also while it’s a beautiful dress it’s also very sexy so I hope it’ll please everyone 😀 I don’t know what color it’s supposed to be (because black and white manga, etc XD), I thought it would look nice in black and gold/yellow would look good with her blond hair.

Character – Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Open the gate!

fairy tail lucy heartfilia summoning spirit

It’s been so long since I last drew her! I was sick the other day so since I didn’t have anything better to do I decided to start catching up to the manga (more than 100 chapters -_-), and as she was the very first anime blondie I’ve ever drawn I decided to draw Lucy, for the sake of nostalgia 😀

But man did I get better in the meantime XD

Character – Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy tail