Some lacy underwear

Hyperdimension neptunia vert underwear
I think having someone bug me everyday with “Vert this”, “Vert that” while at the same time getting my platinum trophy on Moero Chronicle kinda influenced me on this one! Once again had a hard time getting the right colors, but I found a new technique that made me think how stupid I am for not trying this sooner but well, as a mean of apology there’s a bit more Vert love below, enjoy!


Hyperdimension neptunia vert underwear

Hyperdimension neptunia vert underwear


Ar tonelico Misha

Hi everyone!

This time, my post will be a little longer than usual to explain some changes. As you can see, a wild copyright thingy appeared at the bottom of this pic, and moreover the so-called “HD” pic is now much smaller. The reason behind this is that while fooling around on Goo… err, a famous search engine, I found out that a guy was happily selling my own Jibril! So I tried to think how to try and prevent this without adding some ugly watermark and this is what came out.

Then, about that Misha, it was a long due request made on Pixiv – Subject was ‘Draw me a sexy Misha’. After playing the game a little I decided on 2 costumes I liked, and started drawing the china dress… But I ended up not liking it at all, so I went for the ‘I’m only wearing a shirt’ one n_n

Coming back

seirei tsukai no blade dance rinslet laurenfrost

I’m finally back from my hiatus, with a new pen tablet and, err, noisy neighbour! I really wanted to at least finish a little something for July.

Since the summer anime season is going on I decided to have my way with my favorite girl so far, the cute Rinslet from “Seirei tsukai no Blade Dance”. She didn’t come out as cute as I wanted but it was still a nice practice

Chitoge and a fountain

nisekoi kirisaki chitoge

I am still in my quest to improve my background-coloring skills and tried to do something a bit different from the usual sky / clouds / beach etc !

I’m a big fan of Nisekoi, the manga as well as the anime, and an even bigger fan of Chitoge, so I wanted to draw her for a long time n_n ahh she looks so cute here I want to hug her !

No game, no life

jibril no game no life

Had a hard time drawing recently, but don’t worry, I felt it was the right time to study how to take my drawing skill a bit further !

So this is my first No game no life fanart, an anime I’ve been watching since it started airing 2 months ago, and I chose to draw the winged pervert Jibril !