Wanna see?

absolute duo lilith bristol sexy yukata

Ooof! Don’t ask me how a cute chibi I drew some days ago inspired that drawing XD

I did my best to make the background look ok, and gave special care to her hair and yukata :3 We (err, I) want more Lilith! (∩❛ڡ❛∩)

Character – Lilith Bristol from Absolute Duo


absolute buo lilith bristol sexy

Kinda lazy artwork this time since I mostly kept the original pose from Absolute Duo’s ending, but I took this opportunity to work on my colors n_n And I love drawing those hair!

And I really love drawing Lilith :3 more to come in the future! 😀

Character – Lilith Bristol from Absolute Duo

Lady Esdeath

akame ga kill esdeath sexy

Well, it’s quite rare for me to take a liking to one of the bad guys, but since Esdeath’s appearance in ‘Akame ga kill!’ I can’t help but cheer for her to finally catch Tatsumi’s heart n_n Don’t give up! I’m sure your feelings will reach him one day =P

Didn’t do very original though since a lot of people already drew her “shirt only”. I only tried to turn up the ‘ecchi’ factor a bit.